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Upper Limit Aviation

ULA is an affordable airplane and helicopter flight school, offering some of the most competitive flight training rates in the country. One of our top concerns is to help you find the funding you need to pay for flight school to become a career pilot. We can help you access scholarships, grants, student loans, and private loans. Our Student Service Team will help you realize your dream. Call 855-435-4338 and get started on your aviation career today!

Fixed Wing Flight Training

We have 3Fixed Wing Flight School locations and 3Types of aircraft for training. Fixed wing flight school training provided by Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) is considered to be one of the best flight training options for career-minded fixed-wing student pilots.

Rotor Wing Flight Training

We have 3 Helicopter Flight School locations 5 Types of rotorcraft for training. By providing a safe yet real-world learning environment at ULA, our students gain the understanding that their success is our success. Meaning, we are not considered successful unless our students earn the best piloting job and advance their careers.

Professional Flight Training

Private and Commercial

Mountain Flying

SOTA Avionics

Careers Opportunity

Degree Programs

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